Keyboard and Piano Tutorials Page

Welcome to the keyboard and piano tutorials page! Here you can…

•learn the basics about keyboard and piano
•play along with the practice videos to sharpen your timing and sense of dynamics
•pick up some tips and tricks along the way

Keyboard & Piano Introduction

5-1-5 Voicing

5-2-5 Voicing

5-1-5 & 5-2-5 Demo

5-1-5 Practice Explanation

5-1-5 Practice 75BPM: Looping Video

5-1-5 Practice 105BPM: Looping Video

5-1-5 Practice 120BPM: Looping Video

5-1-5 in the key of G

5-1-5 in the key of E
Practice Percussion Loops

Metronome got you down? Stream these nice shaker loops instead! They are perfectly in time and much more musical. Practice along right on this page or download the loops below.

60 BPM

70 BPM

80 BPM

90 BPM

100 BPM

105 BPM

110 BPM

120 BPM

130 BPM

135 BPM

Loops for Download