We are so glad you are interested in joining us for this unique opportunity to serve and learn in Mexico!  Here you will find a bunch of information that


You’ve got questions…we’ve got answers:

How safe will I be in Mexico?
We’ll be staying at Azusa Pacific University’s property where they have run camps for many, many years (APU’s Mexico Outreach has been partnering with a variety of ministry and government organizations in Baja California for over 40 years). They work hard to provide a safe environment including on site medical staff, clean/careful food preparation and making recommendations for wise choices when traveling outside of camp. They have an extremely strong track record for safety, many thousands of students and leaders have attended programs without major incident. The areas in which the ministry operates are NOT those parts of Mexico that are sometimes in the news as problem areas. I myself have participated in almost 50 trips with this ministry and have never felt in danger.

-safety: what to expect from Mexico outreach, what YOU expect from your team

-First Aid: nurse on staff at camp, first aid kit in vehicle

What do I bring?
Here’s a checklist to help you:
Documents: passport, copy of your passport
Needed musical instrument. Check with us on this, you may not to bring your gear as we’ll have plenty.
Some spending money for souvenirs or food.
Small bills. They accept dollars at most places you’d buy souvenirs or food, but they won’t always have change so bring small bills. Three 5’s and five 1’s is better than a twenty.

What should I NOT bring?
Valuables (expensive jewelry, etc.).
Lots of cash. Anything over $100 is really not necessary.
We can’t be responsible for anything of yours that is lost or damaged.

What’s a typical daily schedule?
Get up and grab a quick breakfast

-Schedule: travel schedule, schedule of the week, schedule of playing

-Music: how often you can expect to play, training

-Fundraising Ideas: Ways your church can support you

-Application (attached)