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Are you interested in seriously growing your musical skills, playing for an energetic crowd, making a positive difference, visiting another country, and having a once in a lifetime experience? Join us for Worship Team Expedition Mexico!

The Big Picture
Hundreds of students from churches all across the U.S. and Canada gather for this week of ministry and service in Baja California, Mexico. All teams camp in a secure area (with a 24 hour security team) where they have meals and chapels in the morning and evening. They partner with Mexican churches to do outreach programs for kids, sports and prison ministries, community service, construction projects- each team takes on a slightly different ministry and Azusa Pacific University facilitates the week. Our role is to lead worship and encourage the students; during the day our team prepares music for upcoming chapels and does some music training.  It is an AMAZING week of ministry, relationship building, and watching God work. This ministry has changed my life and is a large reason why I’m in full time ministry today.  This could possibly be your favorite week this year:) I hope you can join us!  For a look at previous trips check out the video below or read this blog: http://www.neumannmusic.com/blog/Entries/2012/4/6_Mexicali_2012.html

Ensenada Worship Team Highlights from Peter Neumann on Vimeo.

Your Opportunity
Picture yourself playing music outdoors with fantastic musicians on stage in front of that pumped crowd of students. When the set is done and the campers head out to ministry sites, our team gets together and you receive personal musical instruction from a professional musician. Then we grab lunch, maybe take a nap, and then talk music again; that evening you’re taking notes as the pro you’re paired with plays the set. Afterwards you compare notes to prep you for the next time you play. Throughout the week you are mentored by a pro with lots of experience; you learn a ton, get to play music in an amazing environment, and take major steps forward in your musicianship. So cool, yes?!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out all the information below. There is a lot of information here, hopefully it answers many of your questions.  If you have more questions, please feel free to call or email me.

Peter Neumann- worship leader, guitar, keyboard
Zack Kampf- drums, percussion
Hannah Thompson- bass guitar
Alex Chaney- electric guitar
Steve Gake- audio production

For those nervous about safety in Mexico…the communities and churches we partner with are in a zone where nothing is different today than it has been for the many years that I have been going. The camp we stay in is secure, there have been no incidents with the thousands of people who have gone on this outreach in recent years, I could go on and on with facts and statistics…bottom line- I have taken my pregnant wife with full confidence on this trip and would do so again.  If you (or your loved ones) have concerns, I’ll be glad to address any questions.

Dates/Schedule: July 24 – 31, 2015
We’ll leave the Sacramento area Friday morning, July 24 at 7am and drive to Rancho El Refugio in Ensenada, Mexico. Saturday we’ll set up the sound system, sound check and play for the first chapel Saturday night, July 25.  Then we play for morning and evening chapels Sunday through Thursday, July 30; we drive all the way back to the Sacramento area on Friday, July 31.

We’ll have plenty of time to rehearse and talk shop in Mexico between chapels. We’ll provide links to song charts and mp3s in advance so you can familiarize yourself with the music.

If you play drums, you’ll play our house kit. All other instrumentalists- bring your instrument.

Zack is driving his RV down and back with us and all our gear. Road trip!!

We’ll be staying in a house on the APU compound; you’ll need a sleeping bag and pillow (you can bring sheets if you want- we’re on bunk beds). All meals will be provided in camp, we will eat well.  They have a full time medical staff in camp as well, so should any medical needs arise (unlikely) that is comforting as well. Clothes- basically t-shirts, jeans and sweatshirts in layers is what I bring.

Financial Investment
$899 covers the specialized training you’ll receive, your transportation from the Sacramento, CA area to Mexico and back (you’ll need to get to the Sacramento area by July 23), camper fees for Azusa Pacific’s base camp (includes accommodations and meals). It’s a steal for what you get! Most people in camp pay a similar amount to come with their church group and DON’T get to play on stage or receive the kind of instruction and personalized attention that you will.

More Info
You can find out more about the Azusa’s ministry at www.MexicoOutreach.com and learn more of what it’s all about.  It’s a major outreach that’s been happening for over 40 years. I’ve been involved for many years and have gone on over 40 trips with them.

Bring your passport, you’ll need it at the border.  If you don’t have one, it’s not too late! I know a last minute way to get a passport if the information here makes you wonder if you can still get one before the trip. Make a copy of your passport and bring that as well, as a backup.  There is a release form that you’ll need to fill out and eventually you’ll need to visit www.MexicoOutreach.com and register on their site.  I’m glad to provide you more information on that if you are serious about going.  Also please download and read our team guidelines; basic stuff, but I like to communicate expectations in advance so that we have happy, healthy team interaction.

Those are the basic details.  I’m glad to answer any other questions you may have. If you’re ready to take a step like this, please contact me and we’ll get you registered and ready for the week of your life!

Peter Neumann
530-207-9875 mobile