Want to take your team to the next level? We can help! Our training is designed to help your worship team stretch, learn, and grow. In addition to coaching and live clinics, we have a wide range of vocal and instrument tutorials available online. Send an email to peterneumannmusic@gmail.com and we can tailor a program specifically for your needs.

Check out the sample videos below to get a small taste of what your team could be learning!
Vocals/Singing Tutorials
Relaxed Singing
Vocal Blend
Keyboard/Piano Tutorials

5-1-5 Voicing

5-1-5 & 5-2-5 Demo
Guitar Tutorials
Guitar Overview
Guitar Rhythm & Tempo
Drums Tutorials

Open Hat Tip

Keeping Good Time
Bass Guitar Tutorials

Role of Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar Practice Video w/Explanation 75 BPM
Band Tutorials

Trash Can Ending

Key Phrase Entrance