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Here are your materials for the first week of Worship Team Expedition.

Take some time this week to complete each of these steps. We’re starting with heart level stuff (focusing on who God wants us to BE) as we begin this journey together. We’ll get into musical stuff soon, but before we race into all of that, it’s important to slow down and consider what truly is most important. So this week let’s do that together. Here we go…

Step 1: Read this week's devotional. Just click on the icon below to get the PDF.

Step 2: Download the first general session outline (above) and watch the session video below. This will reinforce important concepts as we start our journey together.

Session 1 Video:

Step 3: Download this week's discussion guide and bring it to worship team rehearsal. Talk through the questions with the team for a few minutes at the beginning of rehearsal.


Step 4: Click the icon below to access this week's music charts.

Have a great week- we’ll be praying for you!