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Here are your materials for week 3 of Worship Team Expedition– Relational Worship Leading.

Welcome to week 3! How was Sunday? Did you memorize a song? Have you thought about your voice/instrument in a new way because of the listening exercise? If you didn’t take the time to do those things, remember- you’ll only get out of it what you put into it! Don’t let slacking cause you to miss out on the exciting growth that you could enjoy!

We’ve been looking at big picture and foundational concepts about worship and team relationships; now we’re going to start zooming into the specifics of living those ideas out in your life and on your team. So, clip into the rope, kick your boots into this mountain, and let’s start climbing! Up we go…

Step 1: Read this week's devotional. Just click on the icon below to get the PDF.
Step 2: Download the outline (above) and watch the video. Some of it could sound familiar from a live seminar you've been in with Peter; this will refresh your memory on these important concepts!

Step 3: Watch the Song Building Blocks video (below) illustrating the various kinds of moments and transitions you can put in your song arrangements and use the guide below to take notes as you watch.


Remember- songs are built (see Big Idea graphic below) like this: moment – clear transition – then a new moment that’s DISTINCT from the previous moment. You want variety throughout the song.

Step 4: Download this week's discussion guide and bring it to worship team rehearsal. Talk through the questions with the team for a few minutes at the beginning of rehearsal.

Missed a previous week’s material? Never fear, you can access it here!

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