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Here are your materials for week 7 of Worship Team Expedition.

Welcome to week 7! We’re heading into the home stretch now, hopefully the concepts presented here are sinking in and starting to become part of your team. This week you’ll learn how to make sound checks quick and painless; we’ll also talk about how sound techs and musicians can support each other. Additionally, check out some new instrument tutorials, so…dig into the materials, practice, and watch your skills grow!

Have another great week of learning, growing, and walking with Jesus…

Step 1: Read this week's devotional. Just click on the icon below to get the PDF.
Step 2: Download the outline (above) and watch the video (below).

Making Technology Work For You Part 2: Sound Check

There is a lot we can do to make sound checks happen quickly, smoothly, and effectively. Here are some ways your team can
show love and support to your sound person while improving the way you do sound check!

Step 3: View this week's tutorial videos for your instrument (voice, drums, etc.); click on an icon to view that instrument's page. We'll be adding videos throughout the weeks, so there's lots to look forward to!



Bass Guitar


Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar
Step 4: Invite your sound person to this week's worship team rehearsal to participate in the discussion! Download the discussion guide below and talk through the questions with the team at the beginning of rehearsal.
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