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Here are your materials for week 9 of Worship Team Expedition.

Well, here we are- we’ve come to the last weekly installment. How has this experience been for you? If you’re feeling like you didn’t have enough time to get to it all, don’t worry- you can look over these pages again in the future. And we’ll continue to add new content, so check back! For this week, just take the time (at your leisure) to look back through the previous weeks’ instruction and check out what you may have overlooked (or just didn’t have the time for!). Also, there are some new tutorials (voice and instruments) for you to check out. One important item…please take the survey to let us know what worked and what needs improving.  Your input is extremely valuable!

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Alrighty…dig into the materials, practice, and watch your skills grow! Have another great week of learning, growing, and walking with Jesus!

This Week: review the tutorial videos for your instrument (voice, drums, etc.); click on an icon to view that instrument's page. We'll be adding videos in coming weeks, so there's lots to look forward to!



Bass Guitar


Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Here are links to all the previous week’s materials; take some time to browse and reinforce all you’ve learned!
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