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Thanks to those who joined us for the Worship Expedition launch party recently! We had a great night together and are so very encouraged and blessed by your support. Thank you!!

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Worship Team Expedition Highlights

Tim Legrady’s Story

Join us as we learn together and take our worship teams to new heights! Check out the video…

Join us as we take our worship teams to the next level!  Are you musical or technical?  Maybe you sing, play an instrument, have an interest in sound, lighting, or video?  Maybe you’ve always wanted to try some of those things but weren’t sure where to start…well, here’s a golden opportunity to jump in, connect with others just like you and grow our skills together!

We are creating a series of live events and online tutorials to help you and your worship team move forward.  Sign up below to stay in the loop as we add content and events.  God has created you to flourish in a relationship with Him, to more fully become the person He made you to be.  Join us as we go for it!

-Peter Neumann

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