Welcome to the resources page! We’ll be adding lots more in the coming weeks; for now, check out the notes to worship team seminars you may have seen me present. -Peter
Welcome to the seminar notes section!
Here are the seminar materials for the Worship Team Momentum seminar I presented at William Jessup University.
Worship Team Momentum  PDF of Presentation
Worship Team Momentum Seminar Handout

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You can download the notes to seminars that I teach around the country. Each seminar has the presentation PDF; some have class handouts as well. If you are looking for some other format, contact me. I hope they are helpful to you! -Peter

Worship Leading Seminar  PDF of Presentation

Worship Leading Seminar Handout

Song Arranging Seminar  PDF of Presentation

 Song Arranging Seminar Handout

Keyboard in Modern Worship Seminar  PDF of Presentation

 Keyboard Seminar Handout

Team Building Seminar  PDF of Presentation

Making A CD Seminar  PDF of Presentation

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