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Welcome back!  We are looking forward to another great week together.

As we continue on this expedition, we’ll study some scripture and continue unpacking the experience we’ll have together this year.  This week we’ll talk about the importance of cultivating a heart for God and others, which is pretty important for leading people in worship!  Again, take some time this week to complete each of the steps below (devotion, outline, and video). Have a great week…

Step 1: Read this week's devotional. Just click on the icon below to get the PDF.

Step 2: Download the Session 1 outline (above right). Downloaded it already? Skip this step and dig out the outline you already printed (and hopefully took notes on last week)– you'll be adding some notes to this outline as we continue unpacking the Worship Team Expedition experience. And hang on to the outline for next week, we're going to keep adding to it.

Session 1, Part 2 Video:

Have a great week- we’ll be praying for you!

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Week 1