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Here are your materials for week 2 of Worship Team Expedition– Strong Foundations: Relationship With God & Others.

Glad you’re back! How did worship go last Sunday? Our prayer is that you are connecting with the Lord and with your teammates in a new way these days. This week, we’re going further with that- we’ll be talking about establishing strong foundations for our worship team. Every ministry rests on an unseen but critically important foundation and this week we’ll talk about making that foundation strong for our teams. Glad you’re on board, let’s keep walking this road…

Step 1: Read this week's devotional. Just click on the icon below to get the PDF.
Step 2: Download the outline (above) and watch this video (sometime this week, before worship team rehearsal).

Step 3: Check out this week's exercise to improve your listening and your team's ability to play together.


Step 4: Memorize one of the songs for this Sunday. What?! Did I just say that? Yep! You can do it! Pick the easiest song and memorize it. You'll be glad you did!
Step 5: Download this week's discussion guide and bring it to worship team rehearsal. Talk through the questions with the team for a few minutes at the beginning of rehearsal.


Missed last week’s materials? Don’t worry, it’s not too late! Just click HERE.